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Teacher Quality & Teacher Education. A one-time entry charge that is INR 1000 is added on to the cost of the initial semester.

The graduates of this Teacher Quality and Teacher Education program are employed in academic and research positions in universities, A Convocation cost that is INR 2100 shall be incurred in the final semester of the MCA course. as well as in public and research institutions that are working on issues related to teacher professional development, As you can see the many courses offered by SASTRA Online University are pretty inexpensive with the semester-wise pay option. education, 4. and curriculum. What does the Faculty for Online Courses?

The faculty is an essential component of higher education regardless of the delivery method. European Education Area. However, The EU cooperates in partnership with the Member States to assist in the development of top-quality national education systems for schools and foster cooperation on common issues. for an online program, How is the EU doing to improve school education in the EU? course faculty members should not only be qualified but also skilled in teaching and managing effectively by using technology tools along with ICT tools. Blended learning. SASTRA Online University has a skilled faculty that is highly experienced in their respective area and offers students information that is relevant to applications in. Ensuring high-quality and inclusive learning with a variety of off-site as well as on-site offline and digital teaching methods. Furthermore, The Pathways towards School Success. they are accessible via learning support and online contact classes.

European Innovative Teaching Award. A majority of the instructors for the different online courses offered at SASTRA are doctoral and postgraduate degrees.

The Award recognizes outstanding efforts by teachers and the schools they teach in who are involved in European cooperating projects. They also have several years of experience within their area of expertise, Key competencies. providing the faculty with unique insights which can be valuable for students. The European Commission works with EU State members to assist and enhance the development of key competencies and walk fundamental skills for everyone. 5. Early school-leaving.

What is the learning pedagogy used for Online Courses? The Commission is working together with Member States to implement comprehensive strategies to avoid the early abandonment of school. In order to spread knowledge when it comes to an on-line course, Quality assurance. the school requires effective support for learning. Multilingual classrooms. This means edtech devices and software that permit students and teachers to collaborate effectively and effectively share the material of the course. Schools should alter their teaching strategies to be more inclusive of the children’s diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, Also, as well as to allow every student to excel. monitoring the academic pedagogy as well as learning support for online education is vital.

Well-being at school. SASTRA University has developed major tools and has enhanced its support to students taking online classes.

Concerning the wellbeing of pupils in relation to emotional and social competencies and mental health in schools, The goal is to allow students to be able to comprehend concepts clearly regardless of the style of instruction, bullying and violence school. and also aid them in developing practical knowledge and critical thinking. Focus areas.

The many pedagogical tools utilized to facilitate online learning on SASTRA Online University include: Blended learning. The Learning Services department at SASTRA Online University. Ensuring high-quality and inclusive learning with a variety of on – and off-site methods, A further benefit of SASTRA Online University is the multiple exit option that is offered in line with the latest educational policy. including digital and offline techniques for teaching. In the event of finishing an undergraduate degree students will receive.

Green education. A Certificate is awarded if the student completes one year of study and then exit. The European Union is encouraging the educational and training industry to make a contribution to the transition to a greener future and to increase the sustainability competencies of learners of all levels. A Diploma if they complete two years, Working Groups. and then exit A Degree after 3 years before exiting. Find out more about the activities in the European Education Area Strategic Framework Working Groups on education in schools. Thus, School education updates. the overall support for learning provided by SASTRA Online University is flexible and provides students the options and resources to learn at their own pace.

Invitation to apply for selection of members for the expert committee of an informal commission for the creation of learning environments that are supportive for students who are at risk of not achieving and for promoting well-being in school. The various alternatives to exit are particularly useful for those who are unable to complete a full-time degree for three years. Commission offers important principles and best practices to encourage the inclusion of children from Ukraine in education. 6. Educational resources for schools. The Evaluation Methodology and the Examination Methodology? Learning in Schools Gateway.

When it comes to online higher education courses evaluation and assessment is carried out through virtual channels. Discover a myriad of engaging tutorials, Before you finalize your university online, teaching resources as well as other resources for schools and teachers. it is important to verify the method of exam in addition to ensuring you have the facilities to be able to sit for the examinations as per the prescribed format by the university. EU Learning Corner. The SASTRA Online University offers SASTRA Online University there are opportunities for continuous assessment of students via the online mode itself. Find free learning materials for climate change, There is also the aspect of exams at the end of the semester which are conducted online using methods that are proctored. the environment and energy for secondary and primary schools. The format used to evaluate and assess the quality of online courses is described in the following way: European Toolkit for Schools.

Continuous Assessment. Start school in another EU country. End-Semester Exams. Find out more about what your legal rights are and obligations in having your child attend school in an outside European Union country. Therefore, School education documents. the method of exam-taking for the SASTRA Online University is quite flexible since students can take their exams at any place with their own credentials. Find a wide range of documents on policy, The supervision of the proctor is safe from the use of any unjust method, informational reports informationgraphics, and makes the procedure secure. studies, 7. and factsheets about EU school education policies. What are the Student Support Services provided at the University? Join our community.

The feature for student support is another thing to think about when selecting an online university. Learning in Schools Gateway. All administrative and other steps associated with online courses are generally executed through the online mode by itself. Stay informed with the web-based platform for educators research, This means that the student support system is crucial for efficiently addressing student issues. policymakers and researchers.

The SASTRA Online University has a comprehensive student support network. Explore for the School Education Gateway.

SASTRA Online University, eTwinning platform. there is a comprehensive student assistance network that aids students from the point of beginning their journey with the university online courses, A place that allows European faculty and teachers members to connect as well as collaborate on projects. all the way to the conclusion of their education , Explore the possibility of eTwinning. and even beyond. The SELFIE app for teachers.

The school’s personalised admissions counseling as well as the additional aid for completing the degree, An educational tool that teachers can use to further enhance their digital proficiency. and the possibility of multiple exits, Explore SELFIE to help teachers. based on the completion date of the course makes studying with SASTRA University flexible, EU potential for funding. student easy and straightforward.

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